A major advance in vehicle recognition with SNAP ANPR.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic number plate recognition software is often associated with the police or government bodies, but in fact this equipment is easily available to smaller companies. With the innovative ANPR software from AutomaticNumberPlateRecognition.co.uk, your business can observe vehicles entering and leaving your premises, manage parking more efficiency and welcome staff and visitors to your grounds, saving on labour costs and encouraging greater productivity in your workplace.


ANPR is also known as VNPR (vehicle number plate recognition). Traditionally ANPR/VNPR has suffered a bad reputation for inaccuracy in decades gone by, but major developments in recent years have seen the demand for automatic number plate recognition software and services rise significantly. The real advantage of modern-day ANPR software is, of course, its cutting-edge precision, but you are now able to fully report on the movements of vehicles and compare images to an entire database of pre-stored information.

ANPR Software

Contemporary ANPR software won’t just simply store records for your reference. Businesses are able to match new details with an entire database of vehicles, allowing staff to search for entries from a particular time, date, name or vehicle model. ANPR software is no longer just suitable for larger-scale projects and high-end industrial corporations – the automatic number plate recognition solutions on offer can be tailored to suit businesses of any budget. Any business that needs to manage car parks, restrict access to certain spaces or simply monitor a high traffic area will benefit from installing an ANPR camera.


ANPR Camera

The ANPR camera is the essential component behind the service on offer. The technology relies on a certain type of lens as well as a number of other factors (such as appropriate configurations, illumination, view angles and direction). When a vehicle approaches the ANPR camera, the automatic number plate recognition software captures a collection of snapshots and stores them in a database. As soon as the number plate appears at a sufficient size and is recognised by the OCR software, the frame is scanned and the registration number is transformed into an ASCII code and held for future reference. Several images are then taken to account for the vehicle’s speed and driving position and to ensure that the licence plate can be captured clearly.

The VNPR/ANPR camera is particularly sensitive to infra-red light, allowing it to discard any other lighting conditions that may affect its ability to read license plates correctly. This essentially means that your ANPR camera and corresponding ANPR software will be able to read plates at any time of day or night, regardless of the weather or other adverse conditions that affect its visibility.



For all information regarding the latest ANPR/VNPR technologies and their many applications, feel free to get in touch with our team via our easy to use contact form. If you’d prefer some first-hand advice, call 0800 988 2430 today to discover the potential of our ANPR software and how we can tailor an innovative solution to projects of any size.

Capture all number plate types! Full recognition from day one.

Plates traditionally difficult to capture are easily recognised.

Including those at high compound angles, square plates and inverse plates from classic or military vehicles.

Each window’s design is clean, consistent and informative with as much automation as possible.

This display can be used at the same time as the desktop touch screen.

Comprehensive Graphical Reporting...

Report records are designed to be stored indefinitely.
Data builds up over time.

Trends in speeds, journey times, car park usage or traffic density can be easily identified and presented.